Vagonic Drag and Drop Product Sorting WooCommerce Premium Plugin

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The common problem of Woocommerce users is not being able to customize their product category pages. With Vagonic Sortable, you can quickly organize your category and tag pages.

4 reviews for Vagonic Drag and Drop Product Sorting WooCommerce Premium Plugin

  1. Peter Along

    amazing feature! Who would have thought. Support is great

  2. Mohammad Nassir

    we sell different styles of products. This editing model is life-saving. Thank you for your support and smart ideas.

  3. Henrik Landmark

    It’s a really nice product. Hope you get some luck to sell a lot of copies, so we all benefit from your future updates and long-term survival.

    Highly recommended try it in the free version and see the simple functionality (however only about 12 products) upgrade and sort in all products and categories.

    I wish you all the best.

  4. Murat özkaçak

    Uzun zamandır aradığım birşey. harika bir özellik. Ürünleri gruplamada büyük zorluk çekiyordum. Lite sürümde 12 adet kısıtlamasa var. Kurulumda biraz sorun yaşasamda vagonic ekibi hızlı müdahele etti . Woocommerce için olmazsa olmaz özelliklerden biri

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