How to Sort WooCommerce Products Manually

Woocommerce Reorder

Woocommerce is one of the most easy and cost-effective ways to get started with e-commerce. When the right solutions aren’t found, however, users can feel a little constrained. Manual inventory sorting is one of these scenarios. In this respect, the Vagonic add-on eliminates all barriers. Let’s get acquainted with the add-on as a group.


Woocommerce Reorder and Vagonic

The Vagonic plugin helps you to perform manual product sorting in four different ways. In the later sections of our paper, we will delve deeper into this subject. However, it is acceptable to include some information in this section for our impatient readers. You can manually sort in the following four categories with the plugin you’ll use in the woocommerce manual product sort field:

  • Multiple select drag and drop
  • Category Selection
  • Tag selection
  • Sorting by stock and price
Woocommerce Vagonic Sortable



Multiple select drag and drop

First and foremost, those in charge of e-commerce sites should be conscious that the layout of the store page with several choices is a major help. After a while, selecting and sorting thousands of items one by one can become confusing. While dealing with less goods is not necessary. One of Vagonic’s most notable features is that drag-and-drop logic can be used to modify items that can be picked in multiples. You can use the drag-and-drop concept to arrange many of your items and professionally form your shop page this way. 


Category Selection

The Vagonic plugin makes it easy to find categories. By selecting the category you want to arrange, you can easily perform the sorting action among the items. All you have to do is go to the products tab and click on the “vagonic sortable” portion. As a result, all items will be editable by category and name. 

Tag Selection

You can access the label editing section from the panel that appears before you when you click on the above-mentioned Vagonic sortable section, and manually sort your items by label. It’s a hugely helpful function for people who deal with tags.

Sorting by stock and price

The Vagonic plugin can also be used to display and edit unpaid and out-of-stock products. You can easily organize your out-of-stock and free-of-charge items thanks to this feature. 

Woocommerce Reorder

We explored how to use the vagonic plug-in to make simple sorting movements in the woocommerce reorder field previously. You can try out our demo page and get in touch with us for more details.

Woocommerce Vagonic Sortable


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